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About this site

Raison d'être

This web site was created with the objective of sharing my knowledge in free software.

The published articles are mainly based on personal notes I keep when I approach or go in depth into a program or one of its functionalities. I take these notes both to avoid doing the same work again if I forget some details, and to share them with colleagues when this research is performed in a professional setting. It was therefore natural to then share them with a greater audience on the web.

Software used

Pages of this site are built thanks to the static site generator Zola and to the CSS framework Tailwind, both available under free-software licenses.

Configuration used by these programs and source files of the pages and articles of this site are versioned in a public Git repository hosted at https://codeberg.org/ixany/kdb/.

Error reports and suggestions

Despite all the care I take to verify the information published on this site, it probably contains errors, approximation, or inaccuracies. Should you spot some or want to suggest improvements, I would be thankful if you could do it:

  • by opening an issue in repository holding the pages used in the generation of the site (you will need to create a Codeberg or use GitHub or GitLab.com credentials) ;
  • or by mailing me on docmaster@ixany.org.


This site is written in his personal capacity by Xavier Béguin.

It is hosted in Ireland by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


This site does not use any cookie and does not collect personal information other than the data from the web server access logs:

  • the date and time the page was read;
  • the IP address the visitor used to connect to the web server;
  • the user agent string provided by the visitor.

These data are then consolidated and anonymized to generate aggregated statistics on the site accesses. This process is triggered manually by the editor of the site at irregular intervals, following which the above data are deleted. The editor commits to do his best to run this process at least every six months, although this delay might sometimes be slightly longer.

In any case, the collected data are never shared with anyone and used with the sole aim to generate these aggregated site access statistics.